Angelo D'Ambra

CEO and founder 

Angelo D’Ambra, originally from the island of Ischia, Italy, founded Namia Solutions in 2015.

Inspired by his hometown, love for the oceans and marine life conservation, he created a brand of cleaning solutions exclusive for cruise lines that aims to provide safe, environmentally friendly and high-performance solutions for the marine industry.

He started working with different manufacturers of water treatment solutions until he introduced his first product, called “Accel Water Treatment” to the Cruise line Industry where he gained much success and good reviews.

Focusing on quality, safety and good performance, soon other products followed Accel, and Namia Solutions soon became a robust and trusted solution provider rather than only a product supply company.

Major Cruise Lines adopted Namia solutions fleetwide and benefited from their performance, simple application and safe profile.

“Our goal is to position Namia Solutions amongst the best environmentally friendly product suppliers for the Cruise Line industry by continuing to offer solutions that have the highest level of performance, are sustainable and protect the Environment and the ship’s Crew”. Angelo D’Ambra


Caring for our environment and providing quality products to our clients is our mission. Namia Solutions offers water treatment, cleaning solutions and preservation systems that are manufactured by the leading brand of environmentally responsible cleaning products in the Marine Industry.


To offer exclusive, top of the line solutions for the Cruise line industry, that are unsurpassed in quality and performance, are cost efficient and exceed the highest environmental standards in the world.


Protect. Sustain. Perform.

Environmentally Responsible, Safe and Cost-Effective Cleaning Solutions fit for all our client’s needs 

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