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DC-100 Surface Clean


Multiuse cleaner/Rust remover, teak and synthetic floor cleaner

Safely Cleans and removes Corrosion, Rust, Oxidation, Mineral and Salt/Tar Deposits, Stains, and Dirt from Wood, Metal, Concrete, Stone, Synthetic Flooring and more.  DC-100 combines ultra-low pH and superior cleaning performance with exceptional environmental properties.

Multiuse cleaner:

-Synthetic Flooring
-Descaler and water spot remover (glass, jacuzzi and pools)
-Line descaler
-Eliminates effluent solids and organic scaling


Teak care

TRITON is a nano-technology based coating designed for application on teak and other wood surfaces. Triton binds to the wood fiber and creates protective and highly water repellent protection on the surface. TRITON does not change the appearance, color or feel of the surface being treated.

Best applied after teak has been cleaned with DC-100 Surface Clean.



Glass preservation

GLASSTEC® is a long-lasting protective coating for glass surfaces surpassing the performance of any other products available. GLASSTEC® creates a water repellent (hydrophobic) layer on the glass. The inorganic molecular bond to the glass surface provides protection against salt, calcium, mineral deposits, and UV.

Clean glass surface with G-200 polish prior to applying GLASSTEC.


Paint and gelcoat preservation

DITEC Marine Ultra Paint Preservation utilizes advances in inorganic chemistry to achieve unparalleled durability in all marine conditions and does not readily react with UV, acids, or alkali. Put simply, day to day ship maintenance and environmental exposure will not readily degrade the protection of DITEC Ultra. DITEC Marine Ultra is extremely durable, offering service intervals of 12 months.

Best used for water slide and safety boat paint preservation treatment. Clean surface with G-200 polish prior to applying ULTRA.



Multi-surface cleaner

CRYSTAL CLEAR is a detergent-free glass and multi-surface cleaner formulated to deliver streak and smear-free results.

CRYSTAL CLEAR is also used as the pre-cleaner for all Ditec Marine Preservation Systems.

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