Paint and gelcoat preservation

DITEC Marine Ultra Paint Preservation utilizes advances in inorganic chemistry to achieve unparalleled durability in all marine conditions and does not readily react with UV, acids, or alkali. Put simply, day to day ship maintenance and environmental exposure will not readily degrade the protection of DITEC Ultra. DITEC Marine Ultra is extremely durable, offering service intervals of 12 months.  However, there is another equally important consideration…the service provider. Our polishing teams are the best in the industry. We have spent years analyzing various marine paint substrates. We have identified their individual strengths and weaknesses and learned how to manage them effectively. Our polishing process is unique and focuses on being non-invasive and cautious. We achieve results that others cannot.

Best used for water slide and safety boat paint preservation treatment. Clean surface with G-200 polish prior to applying ULTRA.


Glass preservation

GLASSTEC® is a long-lasting protective coating for glass surfaces surpassing the performance of any other products available. GLASSTEC® creates a water repellent (hydrophobic) layer on the glass. The inorganic molecular bond to the glass surface provides protection against salt, calcium, mineral deposits, and UV.

Creating a hydrophobic surface is an important part of glass protection; however, the longevity of the coating and the strength of the protective layer are also crucial factors for “preservation”. Effective preservation of a glass surface must have the following practical objectives:

  • to protect from deposition of salt, calcium and other minerals
  • to prevent deterioration of the surface
  • to create a hydrophobic surface
  • to reduce maintenance
  • to provide a better appearance


GLASSTEC® glass coating technology is based on colloidal sol gel materials that were specifically formulated to self-assemble and form an inorganic molecular bond to the glass surface. The use of wet chemical technology makes it possible to use simple, low- tech application methods like spray and wipe, spray atomizing or dip coating. After the curing process, which is the natural evaporation of the carrier liquid, the material bonds to the surface and the coating will self-assemble into an ultra-thin coating layer. The final coating layer’s thickness is in the Nano scale, and completely invisible. Within the limitations of this coating thickness, GLASSTEC® also adds scratch resistance and dust reducing properties. And most importantly, the GLASSTEC® structure gives the glass an extremely durable hydrophobic effect.

The completely invisible treatment cannot be removed by water, cleaning agents or with high pressure equipment. The extreme thin coating offers the lowest consumption rate on the market with coverage rates of up to 3000 square feet per liter. GLASSTEC® is the most effective glass preservation coating available.



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