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Namia Solutions is the only company offering a full suite of readily biodegradable cleaning products, making them safe to rinse directly into the water.



Floor Scrub offers an environmentally responsible and non-hazardous floor cleaning product for dirt and contaminant removal from all types of floor surfaces. Floor Scrub is designed to safely and effectively remove grease, animal and vegetable fats, hydraulic fluids and grease, and petroleum-based oils.

Its superior degreasing ability comes from a patented ingredient that safely lifts grease away from any surface without the use of solvents. It easily removes petroleum based oils and vegetable and animal fats, along with dirt and grime. Other products are solvent or butyl based cleaners. They work by emulsifying the grease from the top of the stain down to the surface where it lies. FLOOR SCRUB encapsulates each hydrocarbon molecule, effectively lifting it from the surface.

It ships non-hazardous, non-corrosive and is non–regulated per the US DOT.

FLOOR SCRUB’s ingredients are listed under the EPA’s Designed for Environment safer ingredient data base.