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Black and grey water treatment, RO systems

ACCELL ® WATER TREATMENT when added to the influent of black and grey water system will treat BOD, TSS, FOG, and DO levels in water systems. Accell® reduces hydrogen sulfide in sewer systems for odor control and capital equipment preservation by preventing corrosion. Maintain lines and tanks clean. 

Use with DC-100 SURFACE CLEAN to reduce and eliminate effluent solids and organic scaling thus eliminating blockages in the line.

ACCELL WATER TREATMENT is NSF approved for use in potable water. When fed to the influent of cellulose acetate or thin film composite reverse osmosis systems, can significantly reduce biofouling of the membranes. ACCELL® breaks down the existing biofilm formed on the membrane and prevents formation of new biofilm in the channels of the membrane. Elimination of the biofilm reduces the need for the chemical cleaning and the increased operating pressures necessary to maintain the desired throughput.

ACCELL WATER TREATMENT reduce phosphate residue in laundry machines and remove completely grease from galley floors eliminating slip and fall accidents. Removes odor from drains in galley and toilets.


Bilge cleaner/Oil water separator/Sludge

Accell® Clean Marine is a nontoxic formulation using P-SS technology that speeds the uptake and metabolism of nutrient (hydrocarbons) by the bacteria existing in the media:

  • Optimal oil/water separation for lower oil content discharge
  • Sludge double bottom cleaning. Reduces sludge volume converting it into biomass
  • Fuel tank washing and desludging
  • All oil surface cleaning. Removes hard oil stains quickly
  • Better separation in lube oil and fuel oil purifier
  • Improves oil flow and reduces need of heating the tank
  • Tank conversions and cleaning of engine parts done efficiently reducing labor time up to 65%
  • When dosed into bilge wells clines lines as well.
  • Cleans and removes odors in contaminated tank tops, bilges and any other contaminated wastewater stream or tank


DC-100 Surface Clean


Multiuse cleaner/Rust remover

Safely Cleans and removes Corrosion, Rust, Oxidation, Mineral and Salt/Tar Deposits, Stains, and Dirt from Wood, Metal, Concrete, Stone, Synthetic Flooring and more.  DC-100 combines ultra-low pH and superior cleaning performance with exceptional environmental properties.

Recommended applications for the Engine Department: every time a low pH acid is required: rust remover from bilge, tanks, pool machinery room. Great for cleaning coils;  Surface Clean does not damage gaskets. Eliminates effluent solids and organic scaling.

Multiuse cleaner:

-Synthetic Flooring
-Descaler and water spot remover (glass, jacuzzi and pools)
-Line descaler. Eliminates effluent solids and organic scaling

Protect. Sustain. Perform.

Environmentally Responsible, Safe and Cost-Effective Cleaning Solutions fit for all our client’s needs 

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